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Welcome to HISTORY 373: History of the American West

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Course Information

Graded Assignments

Rubric for Essays

Rubric for Final Project

Fall 2011 Student Projects

Fall 2012 Student Projects

Fall 2013 Student Projects

Fall 2014 Student Projects


Weekly Syllabus


Week 1    The First American West

Week 2    A New Nation Moves West

Week 3    The Native New World - Western Transformations 

Week 4    Empires Enter the West

Week 5    Nation Building in the West

Week 6    Overland Migration

Week 7    Gold Rushes

Week 8    Manifest Destiny - Expansion and Conflict

Week 9    Making the West American

Week 10  The Mythic West

Week 11  The West and Environmental History

Week 12  World War II

Week 13  Immigration and Labor

Week 14  The Post-World War II West

Week 15  The West Today



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