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The Chinese in California

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From “The Chinese in California,” Library of Congress, American Memory



1. "The Chinese: Many Handed but Soulless." From The Wasp, v.15 (Jul-Dec 1885)



2. "The Chinese Must Go! But Who Keeps Them?" From The Wasp, v. 2 (Aug 1877-Jul 1878)



3. "The Last Obstacle--Will It Stop Him?" From The Wasp, v. 15 (Jul-Dec 1885)



4. "Cigar Making in Chinatown, San Francisco." From The Wasp, v. 3 (Aug 1878-Jul 1879)



5. "Will It Come to This?" From The Wasp,v. 8 (Jan-Jun 1882)



6. "What Shall We Do with Our Boys?" From The Wasp, v. 8 (Jan-Jun 1882)



7. "San Francisco A.D. 1900." From The Wasp, v. 5 (Aug-Dec 1880)


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